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With services that cover the whole stack, we can meet the needs of your organization, giving you the freedom to focus on expanding your business.

Ruby on Rails

Our speciality is Ruby on Rails. We can deliver quality software with speed and precision.

Front End

We can mix React or Vanilla Javascript into your application and deliver styling with plain CSS or your favorite framework.


With years of experience building large scale applications using Rails and other frameworks, we can help you avoid the pitfalls we made along the way.


Build and maintain API's using standard REST conventions.

Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate Braintree, Stripe, or another gateway of your choice into your application.


Deploy and maintain your application on Digital Ocean, Heroku, or AWS.

  • Keith Ward


    Quality code is difficult to measure, but it's value should not be minimized. My goal is to deliver a product that will have a lasting impact and leave your organization fully prepared for whatever the future brings.

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